Slippers or Wellies?

I now have 2 pairs of slippers here in Tokyo, 2 pairs at my sister’s house in Northampton and another pair at my parent’s house, also Northampton. But  I woke this morning after another record breaking snowfall bringing the normally ultra-efficient Japanese transport system to a virtual standstill. The poor truck driver who was trying to get up the slope opposite our house made it 50 metres along the road, and then back again. As all this took two hours  he seems to have given up now. I should have gone out to help, but I don’t have any wellies. But if I buy a pair of wellies for the Tokyo snow do I also have to buy a pair for England to wear in the floods and storms that have been sweeping across the country for the last couple of months?

Whether I live in England or Japan  there’s  a lot of weather about.041

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