About Jeremy

I am a semi-retired British diplomat born in England (Albion) now living in Japan (Nihon). Following a 35 year long career with HM Diplomatic Service   which took me to Asia, Africa, the Middle East and finally back to Asia, I took voluntary early retirement in 2010. I now live in Japan where I am an intercultural coach and trainer, helping Japanese business people understand the joys of the English language as well as the cultural background to my home country.

I write about my experiences both in Japan and England building links across the two countries where I now divide my time, energies and passions.

Jeremy JL Hill

3 thoughts on “About Jeremy

      1. Hi Jeremy, I am discovering the wordpress app on my phone and saw your reply posted 7 days ago, my apologies for replyin so late. I could not find your note on the desktop app. Master Dogen is the founder of Soto Zen school of though in the XII century, Kamakura period, difficult to meet in a walk. My walks are also solo with my wife

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