About Jeremy

I am a semi-retired British diplomat born in Northampton, England (Albion) now living in Japan (Nihon). Following a 35 year long career with HM Diplomatic Service which took me to Asia, Africa, the Middle East and finally back to Asia, I took voluntary early retirement in 2010.

I now live in Japan where I have been working as an intercultural coach and trainer, helping Japanese business people understand the joys of the English language as well as the cultural background to my home country. Writing has always been an interest of mine so I’ve been specialising in training business writing skills  from structure and content through to editing and proof-reading.

I write about my experiences both in Japan and England building links across the two countries where I now divide my time, energies and passions.  The corona crisis has meant that I haven’t been able to return to the UK for the last couple of years but my eventual aim is to spend more time there in my home base in the town of Market Harborough, Leicestershire in the East Midlands, doing what I most love – reading and writing.

I am also a keen walker and this will be reflected in much of my writing as I walk long distances to get to know better my local environment and the people at its heart, both in the UK, Japan and wherever my travels take me.

See you along the way!

Jeremy JL Hill

3 thoughts on “About Jeremy

      1. Hi Jeremy, I am discovering the wordpress app on my phone and saw your reply posted 7 days ago, my apologies for replyin so late. I could not find your note on the desktop app. Master Dogen is the founder of Soto Zen school of though in the XII century, Kamakura period, difficult to meet in a walk. My walks are also solo with my wife

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